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NetMAX Products

NetMAX Network Servers

System Specs

  Requires Adobe Acrobat ReaderNetwork Server Spec Sheet

Now you can get the power of NetMAX Professional Suite 5, NetMAX VPN Server Suite 5 , or both in a small, standalone, pre-loaded Network Server! Through our reseller agreements with leading hardware vendors, you can order NetMAX 5 pre-installed on powerful server platforms in the NetMAX store.

NetMAX Professional Suite 5 provides a complete set of networking tools, integrating NetMAX's FireWall ProSuite 5 and advanced Internet Server and FileServer features into one comprehensive Network Server package.

NetMAX VPN Server Suite 5 simplifies Linux servers by installing a ready-to-configure network security solution consisting of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) server, firewall, router, and proxy/cache server, along with the Linux operating system.

NetMAX Professional + VPN 5 is the ultimate NetMAX Network Server, combining the full power of both NetMAX Professional Suite 5 AND NetMAX VPN Server Suite 5 in one complete, powerful package.

- Features -

NetMAX VPN Bullets802.11b is only supported through PCMCIA-based Prism2 network cards. A third party VPN client is required for remote clients.

Run a fully functional network gateway in just a few easy steps
NetMAX Network Servers ship pre-loaded with NetMAX VPN Server Suite 5, NetMAX Professional Suite 5 , or both. Just plug into your network and configure - be up and running in minutes!

Mask the complexities of Linux
The browser-based interface enables users to run Linux without previous Unix experience. NetMAX Network Servers are designed to simplify complex network administration tasks. Running your server is as easy as browsing the web - just point and click.

Includes and installs all necessary software
NetMAX Network Servers include a browser-based graphical interface, server software, and the Linux operating system based on a distribution of Red Hat® Linux. All services are pre-configured and integrated. No other software is required.

Quickly configure a secure network
NetMAX Network Servers include many common security configurations. Simply select which security rules apply to your network and the servers apply the rules for you. Customize the default rules for more advanced options as your network security knowledge increases.

Protect Microsoft® Windows, Apple® Macintosh, and Unix clients
Every user and device on your network can be protected, regardless of which operating system they run. All network routing functions and IP address sharing apply to Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, and Unix clients.

Share a single IP address
NetMAX Network Servers allow you to reduce network costs by sharing a single IP address across all computers on your network. Configure your network with the integrated DNS and DHCP servers.

Share files and printers among Microsoft® Windows, Apple® Macintosh, and Unix clients
Everyone on your network can share files and printers, regardless of which operating system they run. Total hardware costs are lowered because the same printer can be shared by multiple users. NetMAX Network Servers also provide backup services to Windows, Macintosh and Unix clients.

Quickly configure a standards-based VPN
NetMAX Network Servers that include NetMAX VPN Server Suite 5 allow you to use the public internet to connect to remote offices, your customers, or your suppliers, avoiding the cost of expensive private leased lines. The browser-based interface eases VPN configuration and management. Also included is robust Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES) 168-bit encryption using the IPSec standard security protocol, ensuring that your information remains private, while being able to communicate with other IPSec-based VPN clients and servers.

Improve network performance to frequently accessed websites
Cache frequently accessed pages from websites. This reduces traffic from your network to the Internet and improves the performance of your internal network. NetMAX Network Servers offer unlimited caching storage (up to the limit of their installed hard drives).

Secure server management
128-bit SSL (secure sockets layer) is integrated into all NetMAX Network Servers, allowing you to manage the server securely using the HTTPS protocol.

Remote/Telecommuting use
NetMAX Network Servers that include NetMAX VPN Server Suite 5 also include support for an optional VPN client for Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT 4.0/2000 that allows remote and telecommuting employees or users to access your network when away from the office. The client uses an Internet connection (dial-up, DSL, etc.) as an economic alternative to dedicated access or corporate dial-up connections. VPN Client Packages can be purchased in the NetMAX store.

- System Specs and Requirements -
  • HP ProLiant DL140
  • HP ProLiant ML110
  • HP ProLiant ML330 G3
  • Toshiba Magnia SG20
NetMAX Operating System
  • Installed integrated operating system based on a distribution of Red Hat® Linux
  • Netscape® Navigator® 4.7 or higher (Mozilla 1.0)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer® 4.0 or higher for Windows OS client
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher for Mac OS® client
Server Hardware
  • HP ProLiant DL140: 2.4 GHz/533MHz Xeon, 80GB HD, 512 MB SDRAM, 1U Rack Mount Form Factor.
  • HP ProLiant ML110: 2.6 GHz/400MHz Celeron, 40GB HD, 256 MB SDRAM, PC Tower Case Form Factor.
    Value Solution for SMBs
  • HP ProLiant ML330 G3: 2.8 GHz/533MHz Xeon, 40GB HD, 256 MB SDRAM, PC Tower Case Form Factor.
  • Toshiba Magnia SG20: 566MHz Celeron, 20GB HD, 128 MB SDRAM, Tabletop Appliance Form Factor.
Technical Support
  • Online support options are available to help you get expedient answers to your questions. These resources include the knowledge base, configuration documentation, user forum and troubleshooting guides.
  • Configuration and advanced support plans available. (see for complete details.)
  • Toshiba 1-year warranty (telephone technical support and limited exchange-only for replacement parts) on hardware.

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